Entry #10

The Story of me and Boss.

2012-02-12 09:30:42 by Tott

One day when I was at work, my boss told me that my work was sub-par and that if my work rate didn't pick up, I would be demoted to errand boy. After going home and brooding extensively I decided to confront her. I went to her house and knocked on the door. When she opened the door I spat on her face and punched her in the thigh. She retaliated by hitting me with an umbrella twice on the face. I then choke slammed her into a kitchen table but she squirted lemon juice in my eye. She then stabbed me with a barbeque skewer and then I kicked her twice and I lost my job.


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2012-11-18 16:06:49

If you ever wrote a book, I would buy it instantly.